Save The Rainforest and Endangered Species

Sumatra Rainforest Institute (SRI) is a Indonesian grass-roots organisation (NGO) which focuses on the conservation of the Sumatran rainforest and its endangered species, rescuing wildlife in need as well as assisting local farmers to implement eco-friendly agricultural systems and technology in Northern Sumatra.

Improve rainforest management and protection of endangered species in Northern Sumatra, taking significant actions in collaboration with multiple stakeholders.
  • Increase awareness of rainforest conservation issues among local communities;
  • enhance the protection of endangered species and their rainforest habitat landscapes;
  • conduct applied research on the rainforest and endangered species population issues;
  • promote conservation and human welfare through sustainable resource use ;
  • facilitate law enforcement where relevant to rainforest and wildlife conservation;
  • decrease human-wildlife conflicts around important biodiversity landscapes;
  • decrease illegal animal poaching & trading activities;
  • purchase key rainforest landscapes to create wilderness reserve areas;
  • improve economic stability in rural villages around protected areas through community agroforestry initiatives and volunteer tourism development;
  • provide a wildlife rescue service and wildlife rehabilitation facility to support government wildlife conservation initiatives.


Rado – Rasyid Assaf Dongoran (Executive Director)

Rasyid Assaf Dongoran “Rado” is an  conservationist with more than 15 years experiences in conservation works at the International NGO and local NGOs in Sumatera. His education background is BSc – Biology and MS – Natural Resource and Environment Management. His leadership and management skill  in rainforest & wildlife conservation programs and sustainable agriculture program and environmental policy programs has been brought him in  establishing an  Sumatra Rainforest Institute (SRI) become one of exists Indonesian NGO that working in the grassroot at Sumatra epsecially Northern Sumatra region. Its includes : concept project proposal writing, project proposal writing, contract signing for projects with funding agencies, voluntering & interns management, management of project managers and project coordinators in project cycle management  including financial & administration aspects.

Julia N Chase Grey, Ph.D (Scientific Adviser – Volunteer)

Project Title :
Sumatran Tiger Research and Conservation at Batangtoru and Batang Gadis Forest Ecosystem

Component 1. To provide Advisory for all aspects regarding survey and analysis on sumatran tiger.

Component 2. To provide advisory for all aspects regarding conservation action on sumatran tiger.

Component 3. To seek the potential funds and project proposal writings.

Funding : PT. Agincourt Resources and Sumatra Rainforest Institute
Period    : April 2019 until now


Asrizal Lubis (Acting- Project Manager)

Project Title :
Community Based Conservation:  Batang Gadis National Park

Component 1. Strengthening the community participation on National Park’s forest  and Protected/Endangered  animal species

Component 2. Increasing the livelihood of local small farmers  through agroforestry coffee system and its marketing

Funding : Tropical Forest Conservation Action (TFCA Sumatera )
Period    : Phase I 2014-2018 ( Finished) and Phase II Next Round (On Preparing 2020-2022)

Tawanli Simanullang (Project Manager)

Project Title :
Batangtoru Forest Restoration at Pahae Julu (North Tapanuli Regency)

Component 1. Producing the tree sapling (native species) and  tree plantings in Batangtoru forests

Component 2. Conservation awareness  campaign among local community who lives around the Batangtoru forests.

Funding : The Sarulla Operation Limited (SOL)
Period   : March 2019 until now

Rado (Acting- Project Coordinator) – Bufferzone of Nature Reserves : Sibual Buali, Dolok Sipirok and Lubuk Raya

Objective 1. Train and deploy a community based forest Patrol team

Objective 2. Increase community awareness about Tapanuli orangutan

Objective 3. Develop Agroforestry princples and practices

Funding : Great Ape Conservation Fund – USFWS
Period : 2019 – 2020

Sinan Serhadli (Lead – Technical Project Advisor – Volunteer)

Project Title :
Tapanuli Orangutan and Habitat Protection Project (TOHAP) – Batangtoru’s Landsccape Western & Eastern Block

Objective 1. To improve the livelihood and income generation of local smallholder farmers that live adjacent to the habitat of the Tapanuli Orangutan.

Activity 1. Creation and maintenance of tree sapling agroforestry for farmers
Activity 2. Mobile agroforestry – coffee and cocoa extension service for villages in the bufferzone
Activity 3. Business and marketing guidance for smallholder farmers

Objective 2. To improve forest protection through the creation and empowerment of orangutan community patrol groups

Activity 1. Need assessment of priority spots for orangutan community patrols in Western and Eastern blocks
Activity 2. Creating & training of orangutan community patrols groups
Activity 3. Facilitating patrol actions to be conducted by orangutan community patrols groups in Batang toru (Eastern & West Block)

Partner : People Resources and Conservation Foundation (PRCF)
Period   : Start 2019


Dony Saputra (Research & Monev Coordinator)

Project Title :
Monitoring and Evaluation and Research

This position is aimed to ensuring that all the projects on the track and allow to the logical frame work and evaluated the performace, including reporting tasks that needed by funding. Actively, to assist Executive Director on project design and annual report

Funding : Sumatra Rainforest Institute

Vancancy (Finance & Administration Manager)

Candidate has more than 10 years in financial and administration and logistic aspects  in International NGO and Local NGOs. She/he lead the financial and administration  manner which is needed to run the project goes to properly rules & system and ensuring the good project governance. Its includes the management of staffs likes the finance officers and Admin & HR officers, to supervise & guide the  project administration & financial cycle and reportings. Based in the SRI Office at Padang Sidimpuan town at North Sumatra Province.

Siska Pebriani Siregar (Finance Coordinator)

Project Title :
Cash and Finance Management

Under supervisor Finance and Administration Manager, She is responsible person to make communication and coordination with project coordinators and managers on finance issue, including cash flow control , financial requests, payment processes and financial settlements

Funding : Sumatra Rainforest Institute




SRI: Tapanuli’s Orangutan Protection

The Tapanuli’s Orangutan population is still exist in Tapanuli Fotest Ecosystem. Some forest areas are (1) Batangtoru Forests, (2) Dolok Sibual Buali Nature Reserve, (3) Dolok Sipirok Nature reserve and (4) Lubuk Raya Forest and (5) some community forests

Sumatra Rainforest Institute (SRI) with the Wildlife Protection Division is a grassroot NGO who working in the field to protect the Orangutan population and the rainforest at Tapanuli regencies, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Its under offical MoU with The Ministry of Environment and Forestry- The Nature Conservation Agency of North Sumatra.

Please together with us to protect the Orangutan population in Tapanuli region

SRI: Sumatran Tiger Protection at Tapanuli and Mandheling Region

Sumatra Rainforest Institute (SRI) with the Wildlife Protection Division is working hard to protect the Sumatran Tiger at Tapanuli and Mandheling Region in North Sumatra. Its doing by collaboration and partnership pattern with other NGOs and Goverment Institutions. Our focus tiger habitats are Batang Gadis National Park and Batangtoru Forest Ecosystem Range and Angkola Siondop Forest Ecosystem Range. Please together with us on this critical endangered big cat conservation..together make us strong!

Mandheling Coffee: Agroforestry Coffee Development in Sumatra, Indonesia

DAAI TV ( ) and Sumatra Rainforest Institute/ SRI ( ) in collaboration of sustainable arabica coffee revitalization campaign programme for better local economic incomes for poor farmers and better ecosystem health for planet earth. Its aimed to build awareness and productivity of coffee farmers at Mandailing Natal District, especially farmers who lives around the Mandailing Mountainous. SRI is an small grass-root Indonesian NGO that focussing on wildlife & rainforest conservation programmes, its including development of green local economic (sustainable livelihood) scheme for villagers who lives around bufferzone – Batang Gadis National Park. Its supported by Tropical Forest Conservation Action (TFCA) Sumatera.

Mandheling Coffee: Agroforestry Coffee Development in Bufferzone of Batang Gadis National Park.

Sumatra Rainforest Institute (SRI) is an Indonesian NGO that focussing on wildlife & rainforest conservation programme. The SRI is running some programmes, one of its including development of green local economic (sustainable livelihood) scheme for villagers who lives around bufferzone – Batang Gadis National Park. The 18 farmer groups ( small-holders) in 10 villages with approx 800-1000 (beneficieries) has been involved in the agroforestry coffee programme since 2014-2018.The programme is aimed to make revitalization of quantity & quality of Mandheling Coffee product in the future, The origin mandheling coffee from Mandheling Mountainous Lands. Its supported by Tropical Forest Conservation Action (TFCA) Sumatera.

KEEP BREATHING SUMATRA Short Version English with GB Subtitle

Short version of “KEEP BREATHING SUMATRA” (, in english with english subtitles. Good viewing! … and thanks for your support and relay on theses SRI’s actions. Thanks for your “like”, “share” et coments.


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