Community Agroforestry Development Unit (CADU)

At a community level, the primary motivation behind environmentally damaging practices like logging and poaching is economic disadvantage. The CADU was founded to address this problem by assisting smale-scale farmers in and around the national park to sustainably increase crop yields and reduce negative environmental impacts through education and direct investment. Currently, the CADU operates the Forest Coffee and Cocoa Initiative which provides a number of services to rural communities including:

  • Capacity building for local institutions, agroforestry training for local community leaders and farmer groups, meetings for organizational development, and farmer cooperative building.
  • Agroforestry extention services using routine field farmer demonstrations for seed selection, agro-ecosystem knowledge, nursery management, planting methods, organic fertilizer production, non-toxic pest and disease control technigues, pruning techniques, harvesting techniques and marketing techniques.

Not only does the CADU directly assist community development in the rural communities of SRI’s focus areas, but it also promotes the ecological benefits of agroforestry systems that have been recognized for many years, especially in the coffee industry, including:

  • Climate change mitigation by maintaining larger carbon stocks
  • Providing a microclimate buffer
  • Contributing to soil nutrient retention, through the reduction of nutrient leaching and maintaining a closed nutrient cycle.

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