Forest Protection Unit (FPU)

The FPU was founded to rehabilitate and enrich the degradated tropical forests of North Sumatra with particular focus on Mandailing Natal district and the Tapanuli districts. It’s programs are in response to the creeping enroachment and unchecked illegal logging which is eroding so many of Indonesia’s critical habitats.

These illegal activities not only have a negative impact on the habitat of big name species like the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger and Sumatran Orangutan, but also have very severe impacts to humans, such as increased erosion and flooding around urban and farm areas, and water quality issues. Through the FPU we have implemented a community based system of forest protection and rehabilitation, which means that every project is conducted in partnership with grassroots level communities.

The FPU currently manages two initiatives:
A. Forest Crime Initiative: Huge tracts of North Sumatra are currently threatened by the likes of illegal logging and encroachment. The Forest Crime Initiative investigates instances of illegal clearing and poaching, collecting vital information and data on frequency, location, and cause of the illegal activity, facillitating law enforcement and advocating locally for sustainable environmental practices and informed decision making. The FPU Forest Crime Initiative works in collaboration with SRI’s Wildlife Rescue Unit.

B. Community Forest Rehabilitation Initiative: Ecosystems damaged by human activities often need a hands on approach when it comes to reforestation and other types of rehabilitation. This initiative engages local community members to assist in the rehabilitation of damaged areas through tree planting, soil enrichment and community based monitoring and patrols to prevent further damage.

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