Volunteerism Management Unit (VMU)

Internship Program.
This program was designed in response to the needs of new graduates and postgraduates who are looking to take their studies to the next level with boots on the ground work experience in the conservation sector.

In the field you’ll be able to utilize various theories taught in textbooks and at university at both BSc and MSc level while contributing much needed research to at risk areas of North Sumatra.

The program will add knowledge and insight for students who are hoping to get a better understanding of the issues facing conservationists on the ground. By design this program will focus on problems facing NGOs working in remote regions, including with engaging communities and the socioeconomic forces behind deforestation.

As an internship, the program cannot hope to represent every problem facing conservation warriors, however we hope to be able to provide an inside look at the day to day workings of a conservation NGO, as well as a solid foundation for further personal development.

At present, the Sumatra Rainforest Institute receives no funding from the Indonesian government and limited funding elsewhere. This means the costs of the internship need to covered by the intern themselves, and that we ask for a modest donation to help fund our Wildlife Rescue Unit and Animal Transit Center.

For more information, feel free to contact us at
email: info@sumatranrainforest.org
whatsapp: +62 8126305909