Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU)

This program is dedicated to rescuing all wildlife, including Sumatran orangutan, Sumatran tiger, leopard, sun bear, gibbon species, crocodile, and other protected species in the hope of releasing them back to the wild.

Loss of habitat has seen increasing rates of human-wildlife conflict in and around the national park buffer zones. This conflict, in conjunction with a growing demand for rare animal parts and pets has seen further pressure on endangered populations.

The WRU seeks to mediate instances of human wildlife conflict through education about using deterrents rather than hurting or killing the animal. This education also aims to raise awareness about the importance of sharing the forest resources with wildlife (where reasonable). In instances where it is deemed necessary, WRU will safely remove the animal with the aim of relocating to a more suitable natural habitat.
WRU combat illegal poaching by assisting in the confiscation of rare and endangered animals from poachers and illegal pet owners. This process is managed by BBKSDA. Most pet confiscations are endangered species of gibbons or Sumatran orangutan.

WRU also assists with injured wildlife. Village heads have been informed in community meetings and posters have been provided to the villages around protected areas that provide an emergency phone number for community to call in case of wildlife injury or conflict.

The WRU currently has two projects:
A. Pusat Transit Satwa (PTS) – Wildlife Transit Centre: The PTS provides short term quarantine, ongoing healthcare, behaviour monitoring and “beginner” socialisation for rescued wildlife. The most common inhabitant of the PTS is Sumatran gibbon species.
B. Sumatran Wildlife Rescue and Care Program: This program is responsible for caring for wildlife at the PTS, assisting the BBKSDA in illegal pet confiscations, human wildlife conflict mitigation, investigating illegal activities in the community to do with wildlife, rescuing injured wildlife, community awareness and education.
The WRU currently operates in and around: Batang Gadis National Park , The Batang Toru Forest Ecosystem, The Dolok Sibual Buali Nature Reserve, Dolok Sipirok Nature Reserve.

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