Tapanuli Wildlife Rescue Centre (TWRC)

The Tapanuli region of Sumatra is seriously lacking in facilities for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Government Institutions such as the Nature Resources Conservation Agency and the National Park Authority have nowhere suitable for the treatment or temporary housing of animals once they have been rescued or confiscated. For example, the authorities know of many Gibbons being illegally kept as pets which are due to be confiscated, but there is currently nowhere safe for them to be rehoused. SRI has plans for a new facility in the region which will be equipped for veterinary treatment and rehabilitation of rescued wildlife before release, including surgical space, emergency enclosures, and more extensive holding areas for Orangutan, Gibbons, Slow Loris and other large mammal species.

The project is underway as follows –
(1) Interaction and negotiation with local villagers
(2) Surveying and clarification of land boundaries and risk assessment
(3) Preparation of legal materials and formalising documentation
(4) Ensuring reliable and safe electrical supply to the facility (installation of generator etc.)
(5) Ensuring reliable and safe water supply to the facility
(6) Construction of Gibbon isolation enclosures and socialization enclosures
(7) Construction of Orangutan isolation enclosure
(8) Construction of small building for the Animal Hospital
(9) Construction of staff and volunteer accommodation
(10) Construction of Big Cat / Tiger isolation enclosure
(11) Construction of Sunbear and Deer enclosure
(12) Construction of Bird enclosure
(13) Construction of Pangolin enclosure (illegal Pangolin breeding is currently being investigated)
(14) Planning and commencement of Education and Training programme for the local community (potential mobile unit for schools, training programs for facility staff in animal husbandry and logistical and financial management)
(15) Full co-operation with other wildlife organisations and the Indonesian legislative process to make this project a success.

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